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Reunification Therapy

There are many circumstances that create the opportunity for a different approach to parental reunification. The typical supervised visitation often does not resolve the problems that created the need for supervision. When there is parental conflict, abuse, alienation, or other circumstances that created distance between the parent and child(ren) having a trained clinician to help reestablish connection in a safe and therapeutic manner is important.

NECC accepts cases after thorough analysis of the needs and expectations of the case. Parents must be willing to provide consent for intervention, access to outside therapists and work toward solutions. In most cases, a court order is required.

The staff at NECC has considerable experience with these types of cases and enjoy working with parents to find healthy outcomes.

Specific policies are in place to ensure the safety of all involved. This service is not covered by insurance. An initial retainer is required prior to services starting.

Once a case is accepted an initial meeting is schedule with each parent. A reunification plan is developed specific to the needs of the case.

Most cases begin with the clinician meeting separately with the children until they are ready to meet conjointly with the parent.

In any case, NECC and its staff will never force a child to meet with a parent when the child refuses. This situation would be referred back to court for an alternate plan. Reunificiation is never guaranteed.

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